Romania as a top outsourcing location in Eastern Europe: Overview

english proficiency
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Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly. Multilingual skills – Most Romanian IT professionals speak English, and many also speak French, Hungarian, and German. Based on your project specifications and budget, O2EU can connect you directly with companies that are the best fit for you. Spring Merchant provides tools to market and develop online business. Vivacall’s core values motivate action and decision-making, respect innovation, specialize in B2B and B2C Call Center Outsourcing services. World Phoning Group Inc. is a company that believes in providing quality and value as an extension of your workforce.

As of 2022, there are around 7,931 software development companies in Romania. The country is home to more than 140,000 software development experts specializing in various technologies. Call center leaders have turned their attention to Romania in no small part due to the stability and skills of the country’s growing labor pool.

BPO company CGS Romania Solutions reaches 4,500 employees and keeps hiring –

BPO company CGS Romania Solutions reaches 4,500 employees and keeps hiring.

Posted: Mon, 18 Apr 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Callensys is a start-up call center outsourcing company with English and Romanian-speaking teams. It focuses on delivering top-notch inbound and outbound, social media customer service back-office support functions. Comdata Romania has been operating since 1987 and continues to help clients maximize their customer value. It is is an outsourcing company that provides a range of innovative solutions in BPO and CRM.

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Luckily, IT companies in Romania mostly have programmers with high education what makes one more benefit for custom software development Romania. There is no doubt that English is the language of business, and the Romanian education system ensures that 99% of students learn two or more languages in upper secondary education. This widespread adoption of the English language in Romania translates in heavy outsourcing presence by Western companies. About a quarter of companies outsourcing to the country are American, for example. Outsourcing Advisors is the central point of reference for any foreign investor or local Romanian business interested in developing/enhancing their outsourcing services.

  • If you and your core team are located there, you have to organize your workflow to make it comfortable for everyone.
  • A company from North America can leverage this difference – the employees from the Romanian outsourcing company can have a code ready by the time the American employees start their work hours.
  • Due to higher than average salaries, there are a lot of people that convert professionally to the IT sector.
  • The Romanian startup scene experienced a landmark moment in 2018 when UiPath became the first local startup to obtain unicorn status.

In fact, Cluj-Napoca has seen almost a 300% growth in startups from 2011 to 2016. Besides being an IT hub country, Romania also has an entrepreneurial spirit. There are 353 startups, 12 accelerators and 52 startup related events a year. At the 2018 Central European Startup Awards, Romania won Best Fintech Startup for the company Instant Factoring. Romania also won Founder of the Year for Mondly, a language app available in 190 countries. The fall of the communist regime opened the gates for western values and culture, particularly in entertainment.

reasons for outsourcing software development to Romania in 2023

The Romanian capital is geographically close to Western Europe, and shares its cultural values. There are regularly scheduled direct flights from London or Paris, for example, which makes connectivity easy. Romania currently is one of the most attractive European nations for big corporations to do business in.

  • The Romanian capital is geographically close to Western Europe, and shares its cultural values.
  • According to the National Institute of Statistics, the IT industry in Romania has over 110,000 active employees, which accounts for 20% of the total IT&C employees in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • A junior developer is a software engineer with less than two years of experience.
  • This helps build trust and fosters a sense of respect for the team the organization chooses to hire to support their operations.
  • Such a situation on the domestic IT market makes favorable conditions for the profitable activity of each software development company Romania.

Instead of outsourcing software development to Romania, you can partner with us to reach high-caliber developers from Latin America. Since Romania has a small and highly qualified talent pool, there’s a lot of competition in hiring, particularly if you’re a small company that can’t afford to pay high rates. Big companies will always have higher chances of getting top Romanian developers since they can offer better benefits and salaries. MBM is a software outsourcing company that offers services in software, web development, mobile apps, identity and print.

Make sure to dedicate the necessary time to assessing your technical skills. After you’ve created your account, you will start the quiz right away. We’re very happy with the service provided by the QA engineers from Pentalog.

IT outsourcing… reinvented!

As the classic fixed-price model has drawbacks, we recommend relying on Agile contracts. In the dedicated team model, you may expect high flexibility in team scaling. A small provider is unlikely to have other paid projects for staff downsized from yours. Furthermore, market factors may prevent up-scaling a team at short notice. To build a lasting partnership, be prepared to accept a fair downsizing scheme.


Let’s be honest, we don’t know much about this region, nor about the state of technological advancement and software development there. Sure, this region has a smaller share of the global market for offshore outsourcing of IT and business processes. However, studies show that in the shadow of India, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the potential of Southeast Europe is enormous. It is crucial to maintain the relationship with your partner during the development process after the product is made and deployed. It will be helpful when you require additional support or product enhancement. For Romania and Ukraine, the industrialization of the second half of the 20th century resulted in the boom of technical education.

xerocon us 2016 has an outstanding education system that covers information technology and computer science, as well as all STEM subjects. With 49 public and 8 private universities, they produce more than 7,000 IT graduates every year. A constant supply of fresh graduates from their education system means that their talent pool of high-quality software developers will increase with time. Romania is a great software outsourcing destination due to the availability of skilled IT professionals and the IT services provided by tech hubs.

Outsourcing translation services for global business growth: 6 reasons + 5 tasks…

Their traditions and attitude towards work, combined with high education and low prices make Romanian software development business a truly thriving one. Such a situation on the domestic IT market makes favorable conditions for the profitable activity of each software development company Romania. As a result, custom software development Romania can allow making real all the ambitious plans for affordable costs. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that most companies offer services beyond IT services.


In addition, the software and IT industry are dynamic in nature, so the rates fluctuate quite often. So the actual rates of particular Romanian software development companies or software developers may be more or less than the average figures. Even with the high demand for hiring software developers, Romanian software agencies can offer high-quality candidates for outsourcing. According to recent data, there are currently more than 120 IT companies in Romania that provide software development services. However, you might want to compare them with Ukrainian companies to get a clearer view of the situation and learn about all your possible ways to hire software developers. One of the main strong points for Romania remains its qualified and innovative employees besides the low cost of labor that placeRomania as a top favorite software outsourcing destination.

Prices are on par with the types of offered and the culture compatibility that goes with the territory. The criteria from the previous paragraph place Ukraine slightly above Romania. With a talent pool of over 200,000 professional software developers, a software house from Ukraine is likely to find the right people for your project a bit faster than one from Romania.

Why these two countries?

Furthermore, the English spoken by Romanians is easier to understand than that of their counterparts from Ukraine. The difference comes from the fact that Romanian is a Latin language and Russian Slavic. Of course, we are not trying to say that mastery of English differs significantly between Romania and Ukraine. While none of the above places Romania way ahead of Ukraine, its EU membership can do it.

Timisoara is barely two hours away from the German city of Munich by air, and less than three hours from London, for example. This connectivity facilitates business across international borders. Time and material is the most popular payment model, because of its flexibility. Although it’s usually calculated based on an hourly rate, everybody works full time, as dedicated employees of the client. There are other smaller outsourcing hubs dealing with IT or BPO in cities like Sibiu, Targu Mures, Brasov or Constanta. Overall there are more than 20,000 tech companies in the country, making Outsourcing in Romania an attractive option.

It also ranked higher than a few leading countries in Latin America, with renowned software developers like Brazil (73.4) and Argentina (72.1). As a member of the European Union with a growing economy, Romania is an excellent location for a company to expand its operations to Europe. While the country’s incorporation process is relatively straightforward, you’ll still need to handle hiring employees, setting up payroll, and doling out compensation and benefits. While the country’s incorporation process is relatively straightforward, you’ll still need to handle hiring employees, setting up payroll, and doling out compensation and benefits. Software development is not something that you can master after taking monthly courses, it requires profound knowledge and extensive training.

Business Service Leaders in Romania and KPMG have listed Romania as the number one country among the mature outsourcing markets. Clients of Romanian IT companies most commonly operate in banking and insurance, work in tech and startups, and industrial and consumer goods. They usually look for high-quality custom software development services, and they find them in Romania. To compare Romania with the rest of the world, you can look at price, quality of the engineers, and size of the talent pool. As already mentioned, differences in the hourly rates for vetted freelancers around the world are relatively small. Of course, quality comes from the code, effective communication, and proactivity.

(P) Innovecs, a leading tech company focusing on well-being, starts hiring in Romania –

(P) Innovecs, a leading tech company focusing on well-being, starts hiring in Romania.

Posted: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

After creating and posting your job description, expect a flurry of responses. The next step would be to look through applicants’ resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and portfolios. Once you shortlist the most impressive candidates, you may want to schedule remote interviews to ensure compatibility.

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