falling wedge bitcoin: Buy or hodl, says investor Raoul Pal as Bitcoin price chart hints at ‘falling wedge’


This pattern normally develops when the price of an asset has been growing over time, although it may also happen during a downward trend. Rising and falling wedges are only a minor component of a transitional or main trend. XRP will give you a life-time opportunity to buy for an extremely cheap price, around 0.18 USDT! It’s going to happen probably very soon, so make sure you are prepared!

bullish bias

Ethereum price set up three distinctive lower highs and two lower lows since August 31. Connecting these swing points shows the formation of a descending parallel channel. While ETH bounced off the middle line of the channel, it is currently retesting the upper trend line in hopes of a breakout.

Why Bitcoin price may face increased resistance in the months ahead

The falling wedge pattern is a useful pattern that signals future bullish momentum. This article provides a technical approach to trading the falling wedge, using forex and gold examples, and highlights key points to keep in mind when trading this pattern. So shows a textbook technical indicator called Falling Wedge.

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Litecoin (LTC) vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Why Do Investors Prefer ….

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As with most patterns, it is important to wait for a breakout and combine other aspects of technical analysis to confirm signals. The Falling Wedge Pattern is a chart pattern that signals a bullish momentum. This pattern is the opposite of the rising wedge pattern which has a bearish tone. The falling wedge can be formed as a trend reversal pattern and it can also be a trend continuation pattern . By studying the Falling Wedge Pattern, you will be better prepared to be able to take advantage of buying opportunities if this pattern is formed in the market.

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A convincing close below this support floor will invalidate the bullish thesis and might catalyze a move lower. Ripple price is hovering above the $0.924 support floor, hoping to bounce off it. However, the big crypto is showing momentary weakness and could drop XRP price down to $0.816.

Your daily dose of Market analysis & Price updates. Down for either a short wick down to the $36K level along the support line , but prior to that will have to re-test the $37,716. Trading poses a risk of losing some or all of your money and it will be your responsibility if you lose money.

Then, the https://g-markets.net/ing point arrives and the trading activities change. It is more likely for the prices to drift laterally and saucer-out as they exit the precise boundary lines of the falling wedge pattern before resuming the primary trend. When the market produces lower lows and lower highs with a narrowing range, the chart pattern known as a falling wedge is formed.

BTC Price Prediction: Here’s How Bitcoin Can Overcome its Stagnant Price Behavior

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s weekly Relative Strength Index is also sitting above 52, a reading that has historically kept the cryptocurrency’s bullish bias intact. It shows traders have room to spark another rally above $10,000 – towards the Wedge’s original upside target. However, the Bitcoin price still inside the wedge pattern holds the potential for a significant upswing once it breaks the overhead trendline.


You can see a list of supported browsers in our Help Center. Dumped today, almost hitting the $37.2K target I had projected. The cryptocurrency fell by more than 63 percent, from its YTD top of $10,500 to a new low at $3,858. But the fall brought it back inside the Rising Wedge region. The major northward move had appeared out of a Falling Wedge breakout.

As a pandemic loomed over the world and sent people in self-inflicted lockdowns, the business activity collapsed. Ideally, the price could have blasted towards $11,679 per a Falling Wedge’s technical description. The definition reads that a successful Wedge breakout would rise by as much as the height between the pattern’s highest high and highest low. That is represented via the purple dotted lines in the chart above. It typically leads to the price breaking above the upper trendline by the maximum wedge length.


We do not allow any sharing of private or personal contact or other infalling wedge bitcoin about any individual or organization. This will result in immediate suspension of the commentor and his or her account. In addition, any of the above-mentioned violations may result in suspension of your account. This move could potentially trigger an influx of sidelined buyers, starting a buying spree and pushing the remittance token to $1.67. The ascent from the current price to $1.672 would represent an 81% climb. While things seem to be leaning bullish, a failure to recover BTC at $41,126 will indicate that the buyers are not ready.

Rising Wedge Pattern in Uptrend

Support and resistance lines help them find these patterns on charts. Over the last 6 Days Bitcoin has seen a 25% pull-back to visible range support around $9,800 from the recent high of $13,200. During this pull-back, another falling wedge has formed visible on all timeframes and could propel price levels back up towards visible range highs over the coming weeks. NewsBTC is a cryptocurrency news service that covers bitcoin news today, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin price and other altcoins. Here at NewsBTC, we are dedicated to enlightening everyone about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

A falling wedge is a continuation pattern if it appears in an uptrend and is a reversal pattern when it appears in a downtrend. A bullish symmetrical triangle is an example of a continuation chart with an uptrend. Two symmetrical trend lines that are convergent make the pattern.

  • Traders can look to the volume indicator to see higher volume in the move up.
  • Regardless of the type , falling wedges are regarded as bullish patterns.
  • When prices make lower highs and lower lows, in comparison to past price moves, this pattern is generated.
  • We do not allow any sharing of private or personal contact or other information about any individual or organization.
  • Some of the most indispensable long-term chart patterns to know are the falling and rising wedge patterns.

It is a type of pattern development in which trade operations are limited to convergent straight lines, thereby making a pattern. The wedge normally requires roughly 3 to 4 weeks to finish its formation. This formation has a tilted slant that rises or falls in the same way. But Bitcoin’s upside run met resistance with a surprising global market sell-off in February and March 2020.

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